View Full Version : stainless trim identification, what is it?

11-07-2010, 02:51 PM
I have several pieces of trim accumulated over the past years that I will not use and would like to offer up to someone who can use them but I do not know fully what the are used on. First is a set of what probably is side trim, it is 78 by 1 inch, far longer than any stainless that I know of. It's the identical width and shape of 57GH fender trim but is far longer and "blunt" at both ends. The other set, I was told about 15 years ago, when i restored a 54 commander hardtop, was a rare optional door and quarter belt mounding for that year but I opted for the chrome pot metal, both sets came in a partially disassembled 54 Commander hard top. Any help would be appreciatedl