View Full Version : Avanti Sedan Prototypes at Glenmoor

JGK 940
10-11-2010, 02:41 AM
Please forgive me if somebody has posted this already - if so, I missed it:


(And yes, I know they are "Avanti-Themed" prototypes - I just got so excited when I found the post I got sloppy and just copied Hemmings' wording.)

Many thanks again, BTW to barnlark for helping to rescue these treasures.

10-11-2010, 09:14 AM
Keoni, I had driven down there on that Saturday and parked a few cars away from them on the front lawn display. It was really great to see them again and I was proud to see that the SDC Museum had them delivered to The Glenmoor Gathering. They were two of many rare cars there. Very cool.

I don't consider your post "sloppy" at all. They were part of the Avanti Project when they were built and while many seem to want to distance themselves from them with an Avanti name attached, they sure weren't part of the Hawk Project, or Lark Project design ideas in the Engineering Department in '61 & '62. There seems to be many disagreements over this, but I don't see why. Of course they weren't planned to be for the final Avanti design, but rather for future ideas with the Avanti design in mind as sedans. Seems easy to grasp. Why deny their pedigree because they aren't as beautiful as an Avanti? "Avanti Sedans" as described by Hemmings is fine with me. It's like saying a '64 Wagonaire isn't part of the Lark line. Did they call them Larks in '64? No, but we now consider them Lark-types, not future Lark-themed wagons. They had at least one prototype for those, too, right? Too much blood pressure wasted on that subject!

I'm just proud to be part of their real future...we SDC members still appreciating them! The folks at Glenmoor sure did. I sure hope they use the money donated to repair the paint and chrome soon. They will get more respect at shows like that when they get back to their original prototype condition.