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10-09-2010, 09:00 PM
This morning Lark VIII girl drove he car by herself to a local car show. She had many nice comments on her car and heard several stories of Studebakers in peoples past. At awards time she was given two trophies
one for third third best car.
We drove the Studebaker top down to the root beer stand for a dinner with a window tray. On the way home we viewed the baby buffalo in the local herd.
As we drove by Fred Melching's place we he was out by his garage and we stopped for a visit. Fred worked for Studebaker dealers in Fort Wayne, and Huntington, In. He has three high quality restored trucks in his collection
Fred really appreciated looking over Lark VIII girl's car. He named all the Studebakers he owned and we really made his day.

Husband of Lark VIII girl

Bob Bryant
04-06-2011, 05:37 PM
Your day was great! Fred Melching probably worked for Bruce Williams Studebaker. Emil Sitko placed his signed business card under my windshield wiper when he worked for that agency. Sitko played four years of varsity football at Notre Dame under Frank Leahy and their record during that period was 36-0-2. They were probably acquaintances.

I responded to Lark8girl's post not noticing that it was last October.