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07-09-2010, 06:54 AM
1963/64 Studebaker Avanti R2 Exhaust Systems

I believe there was two different exhaust systems offered the 1963/64 Studebaker Avanti R2. Can anyone explain the differences other than one quieter than the other? Any performance differences with either system, etc. Thanks.

big jim
07-09-2010, 07:06 AM
Basicly you are correct,however, late numbers had an equalizer pipe between the two exhaust pipes. jg

07-09-2010, 09:41 AM
I talked with Harold at Park's Pipes about a 2" exhaust system for my GT Hawk. He said the left pipe coming off the manifold would have to be 1 7/8" due to his gig setup. Would this defeat the purpose of having a 2" exhaust from there back on the left side?

07-09-2010, 10:19 AM
Don Simmons (Silvertone Exhaust) just bent 2 1/4 inch Stainless for my 83. I'll bet he can do 2" for a Stude engine. Nice system, Mine's about 1/2 installed. To many graduations and golf outings to finish this week.


07-09-2010, 12:26 PM
As I understand it, the quiet Avanti exhaust system, which my 1st Avanti had as I acquired it, had the H pipe crossover, oval muffllers, and resonator cans to the rear of the mufflers just behind the X-member.

07-09-2010, 04:08 PM

I sent you a PM about taking a lot of pictures and posting up a "how to" thread.
That would great if you can. I am considering the Simmons 2-1/4 for my '63.


07-09-2010, 06:02 PM

I got the PM and have been taking quite a few pictures and will post when finished. It's dragging out as this week and next are full of family and fun things.

I though I responded but "my bad" if I did not.


07-09-2010, 06:50 PM
I've used exhaust systems from Don Simmons at Silvertone Exhaust. While not the cheapest, his systems are top notch. Everything has the correct bends, the pipes are stainless steel and everything fits together perfectly. My 63 Avanti doesn't have a crossover pipe in it, but it had headers installed before I bought the car, so it's hard to say what was original. I believe that the crossover pipe will quiet the exhaust noise a bit, and shouldn't effect the power. Bud

07-09-2010, 07:37 PM

I've got Don's SS system on several of my cars and have installed his systems on several other Studebakers. From past experience, the 2 1/4" system on the Avanti is a bear to get "set" so it dosen't rattle when it's cold, and still not rattle when it gets hot. The major problem area is in and out of the X member. In some "close" areas you might have to flatten the pipe a small amount. Once you've got it in and clamped snug, run it through several heat cycles, drive it over some rough pavement, when you're satisfied it's "right", I would tack weld each joint in three accessible spots just to keep it from turning, then finish tightening the clamps. I would also advise buying the SS clamps from Don as well. They are much stronger than the FLAPS clamps. Hope this helps.

Dan Miller
Auburn, GA

07-09-2010, 08:32 PM
No Bob, I didnt get a reply, thats why I took the moment to get you here. Glad to
hear you are going to document this, its always helpful to see the fitment issues and
quality of the product. I am also curious to see the bend quality.

Thanks Dan, I was considering "ovaling" the tubes where they go through the x-frame
for the reasons you state. Thats a very good idea. It also will not affect flow, as the
area remains the same - unlike a dent on one side. Believe it or not, I would really do
1-1/2" if I could find it .. and all mandrel bent.


07-09-2010, 10:04 PM
Recently installed Don's ss system on my Avanti........full two inch with loud mufflers...........six hours on the job.......well worth the effort...........no pipe or muffler rattle...........also used exhaust pipe ss pipe 'wrap' from Summit racing....for the front head pipes..........much better than oem or what Don sells...........the system sounds great and was well worth the extra money..........between the parts and labor cost was about 1K.

Lenny R2
07-09-2010, 10:05 PM
I have the 2 inch Don Simmons exhaust on my 63 Avanti R2 .Road Race Lark helped me get every thing on.
Every thing kind of fit a few small adjustments with a hammer.I used the band clamps but they dont tighten up enough
so Dan had to spot weld each joint.I also bought the loud tone mufflers & i have no cross over pipe
i am happy with the sound of the mufflers even the powershift trans.Its good to have good friends like Dan.

11-05-2015, 07:34 AM
63R-1025 was a Paxton development vehicle and the Hot Rod Magazine 1st R3 road test car. The car remained a Studebaker owned vehicle until 1965 and had a variety of modifications done at their Paxton division including modifying the original loud exhaust system system with a welded in cross over.

11-05-2015, 08:27 AM
I use two or three #6 or #8 sheet metal screws at the joints to keep pipes from turning. Much easier to remove if necessary.-Jim

11-06-2015, 04:44 PM
I have Don Simmons 2 1/4 stainless steel pipes and loud mufflers on my 1963 R2 Avanti. The installation was a perfect fit with no extra bending or clamps needed. I also have Factory R3 headers. I wrapped the exhaust from the manifold to the mufflers with heat wrap mainly to get rid of excess heat but also to deaden cabin sound. Very effective. Don makes an ideal set up.
Peter Sant

11-06-2015, 06:28 PM
It's always your build, your money and your decision. However, as for me and mine, on a street driven Studebaker V8, the 2" system is adequate for me. I've helped install a couple of 2-1/4" systems and as already mentioned they were much more difficult to route through the crossmembers and over the axle. After all the work, there was no improvement in acceleration as measured with a G-meter.

As to the H-pipe crossover, they were designed to dampen resonance at cruise RPMs. Depending on car, gearing and mufflers, some V8s with separated dual exhausts develop an objectionable resonance at cruising RPMs. Worst I was ever in was a '67 Vette coupe 327"/350 hp with OEM side exhausts. After an hour on the interstate, I was ready to get out and hitchike home.

jack vines

11-06-2015, 07:48 PM
I installed a 2 1/2' Simmons loud system in a customers car. i warned him it may be too loud. It was, and since has gone to his "medium" mufflers. They are still too loud in my opinion.

63 R2 Hawk
11-06-2015, 08:09 PM
You could always install a set of R3 style headers and create a whole new series of challenges....

R3 challenger
11-06-2015, 09:09 PM
The original exhaust system on 1963 Avanti R-3371 had a crossover pipe. Edit: The car was built as an R1/4-speed with the standard straight-through mufflers, so apparently the crossover pipe was used on R1s, too.


11-07-2015, 02:20 AM
A crossover pipe or balance tube was originally used to eliminate resonance or droning and quiet the exhaust some. It does that. It was found that it can also increase torque slightly in RPM ranges below the torque peak without hurting top end horsepower. An X type crossover works better than an H type.


I have a 2 1/2" system with 3 chamber Flowmasters on our 66 Avanti II. I ovaled the pipes where they pass through the X member. Nothing rattles but I did have to make HD hangers.

11-07-2015, 07:46 AM
I used Don's 2 1/4" setup on my 83. It's the Chebby version but the fit was very good. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/showthread.php?42662-Avanti-Stainless-(Silvertone)-Exhaust-Installation-Length-and-picture-warning


11-07-2015, 09:17 AM
63R-1025 was a factory development car. In addition to being one of the earliest R3's it was the Hot Rod Magazine R3 road test car. There was evidence of several R & D items including an exhaust "H" pipe being welded into the system. I made working on the transmission a pain and was not replaced when it came time to replace the exhaust system, however; the new system had a drone that prevented hearing the radio at about 25MPH.

11-07-2015, 01:07 PM
1963/64 Studebaker Avanti R2 Exhaust Systems

I believe there was two different exhaust systems offered the 1963/64 Studebaker Avanti R2. Can anyone explain the differences other than one quieter than the other? Any performance differences with either system, etc. Thanks.
All I remember was the "quiet" system was mandated in some states, NY being one, my dad's had it a late, 63-64 round light 64.

11-07-2015, 06:53 PM
On a Ford I built an H pipe balance tube with two bolt flanges welded on. That way it could be unbolted and removed for transmission service. It could be done on an Avanti in that manner.