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07-07-2010, 02:49 PM
Last weekend I washed the Lark off and took it for a spin before the day got hot when I came across a visually stunning 1966 Buick Sport Wagon, stunning baby blue, whole new interior. I called the guy and we began to haggle. I got him down $2,200 with the proviso that the car had to pass muster with my mechanic - he had no problem with that.

Since I am a station wagon guy first, the Studebaker would have to be sold to make way for the Buick. Part of me felt a twinge. Not because I am emotionally attached to this Lark (its a good solid car, but it needs more than I can give it) - my dream Lark is a 1964 Crusier, but because the people in this forum, at SI, in the SDC and at Myers Studebaker have been so great to me and supportive of my idiotic questions. You don't get this type of family when you have a vintage Buick, and the Buick collectors will tell you that.

So the mechanic called today after getting the wagon up the lift and called me immediatly - "You don't want this car - its riddled with body putty and the frame is half gone." He said that he had to get it off the lift because the frame was so unstable. "Its not solid like your Lark."

I also had the unpleasant duty of calling the guy who owns it - it was his aunt's - and tell him that his best bet is to hope someone at the Good Guys show this weekend at the Ohio Exposition Center buys the car for a project.

So Miss Rose M. Lark and I are still a team - and that is a happy circumstance.

07-07-2010, 03:06 PM
Well just shows you beauty is only skin deep ! Good thing you checked it out .

Bob Andrews
07-07-2010, 03:12 PM
I went and looked at a GT for PeterHawk a year or two ago. It was owned by a collector with an impressive collection. It had been in his family; he rescued it and, being he's not experienced, sent it to a shop for a "restoration".

Walking up to the car, it was impressive; beautiful paint, fresh interior. Started right up and ran perfect. Detailed under hood. Seats newly redone, excellent but incorrect. Overall, a lovely restoration.

Then I threw down my carpet length to see underneath. I expected to see a clean underside as well. What I found was an untouched floor with, like yours, a destroyed frame:( Whole sections were gone, one to two feet, held by one or two sides of the box. Unsafe to even drive.

The seller wanted near $20K for it, less than the resto money spent. Some shop had taken the job and done it without ever telling him the frame was gone. To say he was shocked was an understatement. I believed he truly did not know. I offered him $4K for it, since it was beautiful otherwise and worth a frame replacement. Last I saw it was in Hemmings for $17K or so.

I can understand if you cannot or don't want to, but based on your description that car is still well worth that money and a frame swap.

07-07-2010, 03:35 PM
That reminds me...last night I got a call from my sister.
It seems her husband bought a 67 Austin Healy Sprite off of ebay from the S.F. Bay area.
He said it "looked good in the photos".

But he didn't have anyone on the ground look at it...(one of the best things about this club is you can always get someone to look at a potential long distance purchase...that's how I bought by Avanti).

A brief recap: in the past he bought sight unseen:
-A 1947 obscure (NOT a MG, Jag, Rolls, Bentley or any brand a non UK car buff has ever heard of) English coupe from the UK...the owner said it was rough but he belived the photos more: After buying the car and paying $2k for shipping he found out that it was unrestorable.
-Several MGB....he's bought more than one thinking it would be a good basis for a restoration only to realize it was eoither rusty or wrecked...so he currently has one restored and a half-finished project.
-His past daily drivers have included used Aerostar van and a Land Rover Discovery...both of which have terrible reputations.
I could go on (and on) but don't want to publicly embarass him....privately is a different matter. :)

This is gonna be fun...
It might be nice. But then again...

07-07-2010, 03:38 PM
My first car was a 66 Skylark, and the car you were being tempted by would be extremely high on my lust for list.
Too bad it wasn't solid.