View Full Version : Which was worth more in May 1960 -60 Lark Hardtop or 500 Shares of Studebaker Packard

Cowtown Commander
07-05-2010, 08:58 PM
We have a 60 Lark and I am in the mist of making a display for use when showing the car - "Church's Miracle". I recently purchased (5) 100 Share certificates off of e-bay and got to thinking which was worth more in 1960 - a brand new $2,900 Lark 6 Hardtop or the Studebaker Stock shares? How do I find out what Studebaker Stock sold for in May of 1960?

Also in the E-bay purchase was (4) 100 Shares of Studebaker Stock from Sept 6 1961 --- Still Signed by HE Churchill as president --- but Egbert was President in Jan of 61 -- or is the date on the certificates the date of surrender?

07-06-2010, 07:17 AM
I think the only way to find to value of stock in 1960 is to go to a library, pick out a newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal, for May 1960, and start paging through the microfilm until you find Studebaker for that day.
Of course the price will vary depending of what date you choose. You will also need to know what alphabetic symbol Studebaker traded under.
I doubt you can find any stock quotes on the internet that go back that far because the internet tends to have data only covering what happened after the creation of the internet.
30 years from now we will be able to go back 50 years, but we are pretty much stuck only finding things from the 1990's or later, for now.

I kind of doubt 500 shares of Studebaker was worth more than $2,900 in 1960. By that time rumors were already out about Studebaker's impending demise.
As early as 1959, at the height of the Lark's popularity, my father (who had previously owned two Studebakers, and was friends with the local Studebaker dealer) rejected one of their cars as a possible purchase for my mother to drive. (He ended up with a discontinued Edsel instead).
Years later I asked him why he rejected Studebaker, and he answered that they had no new cars. (In other words, the bodies were new but the mechanicals were the same as what he previously owned).
If he, who was in no way particularly a car afficianado, had that opinion of the Studebaker Corporation, I can't imagine the rest of the general public thought they were a blue chip company.
If the shares are over $6 each, then yes, the stock was worth more than the car. But were they in the $6 range in 1960? I have no clue.

07-06-2010, 07:41 AM
the stock value is worth what you paid for it now, and in 1960......(market value)

07-06-2010, 03:08 PM
I purchased Studebaker stock in the early 1960s (still have it). It would take me some time and travel to find the document from my purchase. My memory says $34 per share, but I could be confused with other stock that I purchased at the same time. I have also owned a few 1960 Larks that I no longer have. I never thought about relating them. I have purchased other Studebaker stock certificates from different time periods with different signatures, but the one made out in my name is worth the most to me.

07-06-2010, 03:15 PM
I just looked at a stock certificate signed by Churchill as President. The date on it is Nov. 6, 1958. This date is stamped by the Secretary's signature and is the date of issue. A date on the back would be a later transfer date.
With your certificate, I figure that it was one signed by Churchill while he was President and issued to a buyer at a later date (after his Presidency ended).