View Full Version : OMG!! anyone bought a battery lately??!!??

03-20-2008, 10:49 AM
WOW!! 63-85 dollars for a regular battery??? I knew metal prices were up,but man!!

03-20-2008, 10:57 AM
I bought a basic one from Wal-Mart last week, $36.88.

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03-20-2008, 12:41 PM
You guys are spolied... new decent batteries up here have been $80 - $100 for some time. [xx(]

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03-20-2008, 12:46 PM
I bought a long skinny 6 volt for my 46 packard right before christmas it was $106.....the parts guy told me not to ask what the name brand battery was worth

03-20-2008, 01:11 PM
I bought battery for my 63 Avanti from Tractor Supply for $90.00.
Maybe that's why it started smoking out the left tailpipe last week. It thinks it's a crop duster.

03-20-2008, 01:14 PM
I bought one at O'Reilly's for $41 for the Ford ... it's a little smaller than the old one, but it really didn't matter to me. It's more powerful, that's what mattered.

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03-20-2008, 01:23 PM
quote:Originally posted by bams50

I bought a basic one from Wal-Mart last week, $36.88.

[brown]Robert (Bob) Andrews

:) Boy, I wonder about Wal-Mart's pricing structure, Bob: The cheapest in central Indiana is $39.95, and has been for some time. ;)BP

03-20-2008, 01:38 PM
Speaking of batteries and before I spend $195 for a repro for Sid. I've been told, both Willard and Studebaker batteries were used in 64 production. If true, what color caps on the Willard, or if the Studebaker, was it a tar top, or flat top, and what color caps ? I once had both a Studebaker battery clock and a sales flyer to look at, but have neither now.

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Dwain G.
03-20-2008, 01:58 PM
I think the best combination of quality and price right now is at Costco.

Dwain G.

Dick Steinkamp
03-20-2008, 02:11 PM
quote:Originally posted by JDP

Speaking of batteries and before I spend $195 for a repro for Sid...

I just bought a repop Delco for my '65 Impala...$225 and cheaper than direct from the manufacturer! I think that is much more than twice what I paid for a repop Willard for my low mileage '62 Lark maybe 4 years ago.


03-20-2008, 03:07 PM
The reason for battery price increase as told to me by a Delco battery rep, is because the price of lead has went up in price.
Thus the price given for battery "cores" has went up (at least around here!).
Of course the recent surge in fuel prices may have something to add to it as well.

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03-20-2008, 04:02 PM
The reason for battery price increase as told to me by a Delco battery rep, is because the price of lead has went up in price.

Wonder if that falls along the lines of the the hazardous processing of Galena(mineral) for the lead?

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03-20-2008, 05:26 PM
The last battery I bought was a Motorcraft from my local Ford dealer in 2002. It was $85 with a 7 year prorated warranty and 2 year straight replacement. The car was sold in 2004 and the battery is still going. The OEM Motorcraft battery in my '01 Ranger expired last year. It lasted 6 years in hot and cold weather. Whoever Ford gets their batteries from does a great job.

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03-20-2008, 11:17 PM
Yes batteries have gone up in price big time. The price of lead is the cause. My old company is doing very well in selling the used cores to the smelter. To answer JP the 64 production used the black solid top batteries with the Studebaker label. Red push on caps. 63 and earlier were tar top with red screw in caps and Willard label. Some used the Globe label but no repro labels were available. I used to supply the repros to some of the vendors but the empty cases dried up.
Denny L