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Aussie Hawk
03-26-2007, 01:04 AM
Greetings all from down under,

Just a quick question.
I've fitted some 8" tyres to my Hawk - all's well on the left hand side, (your driving side), but there is not enough clearence on the right hand side, about 3/8" to little, the tyres rub on the guard when turning sharp right. I noticed when reconditiong the brakes that there are more shims on the right hand side than the left - to the extent that the outer bearing race/housing is protruding about 1/4 " to 5/16" out of the axel tube. Is this normal ? Can I equal up the shims on both axel ends and therefore cure my rubbing tyre problems ?

Matt Pettigrew

03-26-2007, 01:44 AM
Matt, the shims aren't about locating the tyres to the left or right. The shims are for setting axle shaft end play. Not something you wanna mess with once it's set up! the way you describe them on your Hawk IS normal. They usually came with whatever shims were required - applied to the right side.
My personal feelings are that the wheels (if that's what you're saying are eight inches)too wide. But I'd check the spring shackle bushings to see if they're tired or shot.

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Aussie Hawk
03-26-2007, 02:12 AM
Mr. Biggs,

Thanks for your swift reply, I thought you guys would all be asleep during my daylight hours.

I realise the shims are there to set up the bearing end float. Although the end float I saw on the right hand side, was, what I thought a bit extravagent - about 5/16". Therefore my question.
The springs and shackle bushes are all OK.

Anyway, I though you guys might have heard of this problem before and a quick fix. I've got a friend that specialises in diffs, so I guess I'll give him a call.

Thanks for your input.


03-26-2007, 09:56 AM
To run 8" wheels in the back, you really need more than 1" (25.4mm) offset on the wheels. probably more like 1.25-1.5" to make it really work well. Otherwise they will just be too darn close to the fender lips.


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