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06-20-2006, 07:46 AM
Thanks to JDP for answering the post about my engine. Casting number VJ303


If it's not a big secret, how do you determine the engine was built in Sept 63 for a 64? I know the "V" stands for the 259. What does the "J" stand for?


06-20-2006, 08:01 AM
J stands for September.
The first 3 stands for the calendar year.
The 03 stands for the day of the month.

06-20-2006, 08:04 AM
The first "3" is 1963, the "J" is for the month: "A" Jan, "B" for Feb and so on. (Skip "I" since it looks like the number "1". ) The "03" was the day of the month.

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06-20-2006, 03:48 PM
Then there's that fact that the 64 models were introduced during the '63 calendar year.;) That's why your 64 has a 63 date code.;)

This was a new engine numbering system starting with 1964 (and ending with the 64s for that matter!). All engines (of a given sort. ie: 289 or 259 or Jet Thrust, etc., etc..) built on a given day wore the same number. Therefor there's more than one 259 around with the same number as your's has.[:0] Of course, I'm assuming there's more than one 259 still around that was built on that day.[^]
Who knows why they went to this system? If there were any states at that time that were still registering cars by the engine number, that could have been a problem. [xx(]

There's certainly potential for confusion (for the uninformed) with respect to some earlier-built engines destined for Canadian-built Studes and for 1955 model Studes from the Los Angeles plant. The LA-built 55 models had VL & PL prefixes for 259s in Commanders and Presidents respectively.[}:)][8][B)][?]
The defining factor would be that any '64 Stude engines would have the Full-Flo oil filter arrangement on it - whereas earlier engines would not.:)

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