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06-12-2006, 07:00 AM
Posted to Racing Studebakers last weekend (3rd/4th June) :

Finally got out to play with the Avanti today. I used 3500 as my weight, &
stuck to 0-60 60-0 runs. I not sure if I had everything set up right, but I
wanted to get out and use it, then figure out what I did wrong. Instructions
for the Gtech give a LOT of info, but without USING it, they dont make a
lot of sense. [B)] Here is the Gtech mounted in the car above the mirror :


The process just to get it setup took about 20 times longer then they said
in the manual, of course, the next time will go quicker. The results, as all
have said, not what I was hoping for. Also, I had trouble getting out of the
hole without wheelspin, and to do a 60-0, you have to do a 0-60 to start
the test. My first attempt at the 0-60 60-0 went poorly, literally slamming
on the brakes!! Needless to say, the rear does lock up, but I should not
have chosen a recently oiled road [:0] [B)] . Also found out was that
the drivers rear caliper is not grabbing the disc correctly, the rotor is not
completely "cleaned" of surface rust left by rain. A friend thinks that there
might be a little air trapped in that caliper, causing that wheel to lock (the
other side did NOT lock). After a few runs I was getting better at dealing
with the excitement of vrroooom-stooooooop! My speedo is off by 10 mph
with a real 60 mph not being acheived until indicated 70 mph. A few runs
did not record a 0-60 (this thing is REALLY cool). The Avanti held up pretty
well in the couple hours of driving around beating on it, here it is sitting on
the side of some oil-free road taking a breather :


The fog started to roll in after a hot weekend, so the road was getting a bit
too damp for really good take offs/stops :


Here comes the fog monster!! :


Shes kinda dirty and tired :


Gtech mounted to the windshield :


A shot from the drivers door :


A shot from the back seat :


You are probably wondering "just how bad did it do?", well my best time
0-60 was 10.679s. Thats a stock R1, crappy pinched exhaust, 3 spd truck
trans, 3:31 axle, and my amateur shifting. I bet Ted could have squeaked
out low 9s. :wink:

My best 60-0 was 169 ft, which was surprising. I think that I could have
done a LOT better on a different road, that oil was slick. I also wish that
there was a way to ONLY do a 60-0, doing a 0-60 first makes more work.

The HP and torque ratings are kinda depressing too, but not that surprising
considering the exhaust on this thing. Best HP is 96.9@3500 rpm, the best
torque was 203 ft lbs@2200rpm. I am just glad I didnt blow something up.
I dont think that I ever got the RPM set right, so thats gonna screw up the
results quite a lot. This was the learning test, I want to do a test in the 95
Impala next, and then compare to what it should run/stop.

If Karl has the most powerful Avanti, I have the fattest pig. ;)


06-12-2006, 07:01 AM
Posted on Racing Studebakers tonight :

Went out to play again today, 8 more runs on a different stretch of road. I
guess one of two things happened, either that first stretch of recently oiled
road was not the best choice [B)], or my pads wore in. Either way todays
results were MUCH better then last week. I wasnt at all concerned with my
0-60, so I only took off fast enough to trigger the Gtech. My best 60-0 this
time out was a MUCH more respectable 148.1 feet. Thats what I figured it
would do, and its about ballpark when compared to those two 65 Mustang
fastback road race cars that Popular Hot Rodding tested :

13 Baer brakes front / 12 baer brakes rear - 155 feet from 60

brakes not listed though planned Cobra upgrade - 144 feet from 60

So 148.1 feet was the best, the worst today was just over 160 feet & that
was with one rear wheel locking for a split second. This time it was the
passenger side wheel, must be catching something in the road. Here are
a few pics from the outing today :

Getting ready, some shots of the brakes :

Passenger front :


Drivers front :


Drivers rear :


Passenger rear :


Waiting for the Gtech :


The audience :


The road :


The Car :


So can anyone guess yet, what I bought last week??:D


06-12-2006, 08:35 AM
A new center bumper rubber???[8D]

06-12-2006, 12:21 PM
quote:Originally posted by ROADRACELARK
A new center bumper rubber???

Nope ... its not IN the picture ... but the pictures are the key.:D[8D];)


06-12-2006, 12:35 PM
New camera?

Don Wilson
53 Commander Hardtop
64 Champ 1/2 ton
WA state

06-12-2006, 01:30 PM
quote:Originally posted by ddub

New camera?


06-12-2006, 01:50 PM
Way to go Don!:D Tom, the pictures look great. obviously you didn.t find the "old" camera.:( Congrats. on the new one. Use it frequently!

06-12-2006, 05:07 PM
quote:Originally posted by ROADRACELARK
Tom, the pictures look great. obviously you didn.t find the "old" camera.:( Congrats. on the new one. Use it frequently!

Actually we found the 35mm Canon ASP SLR, but my 10 year old digital
camera was not cutting it. I have wanted a Digital SLR for a while,
I found one used, its the current model, has a small scratch on the
display screen, but you only use the display to view pictures you have
already taken! I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT 8 megapixel, the
above pictures (should be easy to figure out which ones), are 25% of
the original shot (for easier loading on a forum). You should SEE the
"dust" that you can make out on the new rotors in the box! WOW! Also
the colors were off on the old cam, AND the editor of Avanti Magazine
made a comment to me that my pictures were GREAT, but the resolution
sucked. Now I can get the cover .... maybe.:D;)

I would like to get a pic or two of the car stopping, but I have to be
convincing with the wife to stand out in the cold ocean breeze and do
a few runs. I am happy with my 148.1 feet, but I think that it can do
a little better even. It seemed like it started to "bite" better with
each hard stop, and I FINALLY smelled brake pads!:D yah!