View Full Version : New half shafts for rear suspension

06-08-2006, 09:18 AM
Received the new C4 aluminum half shafts for independent rear suspension, thankful for how they turned out.

We purchased new forged aluminum yokes, as well as 3 1/2 diameter, 1/8 wall tubing. Followed the manufacturers instructions for the most part, and this is how they turned out. The welder who has been welding our frames welded these.

We would have just shortened the original ones, but they were pretty well beat up. Also, according to the driveshaft factory rep, typically the yokes are sized to the same manufacturer's tubing. Don't know if that is true, though.

Would have liked to have the local driveshaft company make them, but their tolerance for length is not that good, they are used to a slip yoke compensating for length. Half shafts require a specific fixed length.