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03-21-2007, 03:12 PM
I looked in my shop manual and couldn't really tell from the exploded view what it is that holds the oil fill tube in the block.

Now that my engine is actually running, I have oil coming out around the area where the tube enters the engine block. (a little leak on the bottom of the filter canister, and probably a few others as well, I'd guess.) But it's really coming out fast around the bottom of hte fill tube. There are no visible signs of mounting hardware for the filler tube, though. Is it just an O-ring or something that fits over the tube, and then into the block? Right now there is a lot of movement on the tube.



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03-21-2007, 04:31 PM
It's just a "press fit". Over the years, vibration has shook it loose to a degree. My suggestion, with the cap off - hold a piece of 2X4 flat against the upper end of the tube and give it a stout whack with a hammer to reseat it into the block opening.:D

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