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05-06-2006, 10:47 AM
Hello all,
I'm trying to locate the temp sender unit on our 60 Lark Convertible's engine. Its a 259 V8 engine. Since we are not restoring it right away, I want to get some of the important gauges working for summer. Thanks.


05-06-2006, 01:17 PM
Should be at rear of left cylinder head, just below the rocker cover.

05-06-2006, 08:46 PM
NAPA # TS 6460 OR contact one of our great vendors!;)

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05-07-2006, 01:31 PM
Thanks for the info. I found the temp sender and there was no wire connected to it. I traced the wire from under the dash and it seems to have been cut at one time or another and just wrapped under the dash. I reconnected the wire to the sender, checked for smoke (of which there was none) and went for a drive - temp guage worked fine. So now I can drive the convertible worry free for the summer. Thanks guys.