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04-25-2006, 10:34 PM
I acquired a 55 5 lug rear to swap out my 4 lug on a 50 Champ. The rear is the same width and ratio but spring pads are 1 1/2" further apart on the 55 rear. Can I just swap the axles & brakes?
Question 2, unrelated
Does the coil hook up reversed since it a pos gnd system?

04-27-2006, 10:58 AM
I don't know if you CAN swap brakes and axles. The part numbers for the brakes and axles are different between the 50 and a 55.[V] Even the illustrations in the parts books look quite different between the '50 and other years. There's gotta bea reason for the different part numbers. Studebaker didn't cange the numbers of a given piece unless they HAD to. That means there's at least SOME difference between the pieces!

On the ignition - yes, the + side of the coil gets connected to the points in the distributor on a Pos Gnd car.:D

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04-29-2006, 09:51 PM
Dick S gave me your # to call about that and one other thing but I haven't reached you home yet. Would the part #'s be different because they are 4 & 5 lug?
Thanks on the coil, I had it hooked up as you said because it seemed right to me that way. I then had spark from the ciol but not at the wire. Found out the spring tab on the rotor had come off. Runs good now.
I have turned to checking out the OD. Seems to have a couple wires disconnected at the firewall on the piece with the fuse. Power on one post with the key on. No power on any terminal on the full throttle switch. Makes me wonder what state it is in. I was wondering if I could run power down to the solenoid and governor to try it out before digging into the rest. Could I run a temp toggle with power to both or does have to have power before the other?
If you think this would be better to discuss on the phone let me know when you would be around or call and I will call you back to keep it on my dime. I left my # on your machine.

Thanks so much for your help