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03-10-2006, 12:15 AM
I'm having trouble gettting into the trunk of my 63.

When I got my car, the release cable just pulled out an inch or so. Sometimes it took a real tug.
The mechanism seemed very stiff and when I put some WD-40 in the lock it quit working altogether. Iíve loosened the lock itself and it seems like the cable isnít moving enough. The cable end is still attached to the lock.
After bolting the lock back into place, the cable won't pull out at all.
BTW: the flat washer and lock washer that are supposed to be under the mounting plate as mentioned on page "Body" page 6 of the workshop manual don't seem to be there. I suspect someone has worked/played/messed-up the lock before.

So in a nutshell, I don't know if the problem is the lock (it seems filthy inside, I've done my best to clen it), the way the lock is mounted, or the cable that is the problem. I have established cable contiuity from the lever to the lock...just not a lot of movement.

After pulling up some of the trunk carpet, the cable looks to be originalÖI seem to be looking at stuff unseen since some guy on the assembly line installed it 43 years ago. (Boy, the last owner said it was original...he wasn't kidding.)

Now I'm afraid to shut the trunk fearing I won't be able to reopen it (the emergency trunk relaese procedure did work befor this and works with the trunk lid open, i.e. when it's easy to reach).

63 Avanti R1 2788
1914 Stutz Bearcat
(George Barris replica)

Washington State

03-10-2006, 12:56 AM
I would use some penetrating oil like "PB Blaster", remove the cable
from the latch (not really a "lock"), and spray the penetrating oil
down the cable from the latch end. Have someone keep working the
cable in and out after you feel you have some down the cable. Spray
some on the latch as well. WD-40 isnt much of a lubricant, and its
not the best at penetrating tight or rusty areas. PB Blaster is an
oil, and will help to lube the cable for the future. There is also
some oil made for speedometer cables, you could run some of that down
the cable after you free it up with the PB Blaster.


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