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02-24-2006, 12:39 PM
Fella here in town has bought his SECOND Stude truck. (Heh-heh.. we all know how THAT works, eh?[}:)]) Anyway, he bought it partly because his dad had gotten fond of the first truck and wanted one of his own.
This 2R6 had come with the optional 16 inch wheels. On about the 2nd real test run of the truck, dad kept hearing a clunking sound while under way. He'd stop, get out and look around and under the truck. Hmmmm.... nothing loose to be seen![B)] I guess he stopped several times to try and figure it out.
Then, after one of these detective stops, dad took off again only to have one wheel completely fail! Thank goodness he was poking along carefully. No damage was done at all, to the truck or dad.

Anyway, I tried to talk him into taking some 15" wheels I have but he's determined to find another 16. Anybody here got one (or two - he really needs a spare too) they'd sell? BTW, I cautioned him to check the lug holes of the other wheels for cracks. My Transtar's original wheels had cracks radiating from some of the lug holes. That, and a switch to disc brakes on the front, is the reasons I went with Buick Riviera wheels a few years back.:D Although, making these Buick rims work with the Stude truck drums on the rear has/is a pain.:(

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Skip Lackie
02-24-2006, 04:49 PM
How desperate is he? SASCO lists 1690461 (16x4.50) for $117.10 each. I bought two for my 3R6 about 25 years ago (for snow tires!) and they fit fine. But, uh, they were a LOT cheaper then.

Skip Lackie

02-24-2006, 07:18 PM
I don't know if they are the same, but I have three of the original 16" wheels from my M5. The price is right--come and get them (Tucson, AZ) and they are yours. I will throw in the rear axle (as is, condition unknown but I suspect the gears are blown), brakes, shocks, and drive shaft, too. I also have the front axle with new kingpins and rebuilt springs. I, of course, would never offer them for sale on this forum, but if someone was to make a reasonable offer...