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02-09-2006, 11:39 PM
I get excited so easily...about winning a very old locking gas cap on eBay for my truck.

Here's my truck from the side. Imagine it with a more original looking wheel treatment (baby moons and beauty rims on antique white wheels), perhaps chrome "eyebrows" above the doors:


and with a red background to all the hood chrome, like this piece that I had rechromed and then powdercoated in red:


Now, imagine this cool old locking gas cap with its little swing away keyhole cover (much like the door lock cover on the passenger side) and trimmed in red to match the hood ornamentation:


I won the gas cap on eBay today. It is a NOS Stant, and it was made with the red ring. The back of the box doesn't go any later than 1949, so I'm guessing that's the year of the gas cap. The seller sent me a photo of the back of the cap before I bid, so I could tell it would fit the '55 (was pretty certain already):


Yes, I get excited easily. Christmas in February, woohoo!
One would think I would be even more excited that my rebuilt 195 hp Champion six engine arrived at the shipping terminal in town today. After all, it's painted red, too.

Once this thing is done, I want to use Flash or something to create a way for you all to virtually drive the truck. Maybe "open the hood and look inside", close the hood, get in the door, start 'er up, go down the road, avoid potholes, shift, get it up to speed. That would be cool, since I can't show it to most of you in person.

1955 1/2 Ton Pickup

02-10-2006, 12:10 AM
How about the little back fender guards like I used on this truck:
BTW, verry pretty truck you have there.


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02-10-2006, 01:02 AM
Yes, JDP, I remember being tempted by that nice red truck back when you had it on eBay - April or May of 2005, I believe? That was pretty sweet, and would have saved me many hours of restoration time.

I haven't really been leaning toward the fender guards for this one, though, although they do look good on red. I almost placed a bid on that folding tailgate step, though, the factory option piece that was on eBay a couple months back. But there has to be some limit to what I can spend on this thing.

No, thing doesn't sound right. Is it a guy or girl, I can't decide. Muscular, but with curves. Wait...girls can have muscles, can't they? I think part of <s>its</s>, that is, her name should be "Amazon". I read in the Dec. '93 TW article on the '55 truck that the dealers were given "code words" to use for all the different truck models. The E5 1/2 ton, like mine, were to be referred to as "Amazon" (if it was an E7 1/2 ton with the V8, it would have been "Adonis"). Well, let's see. The Amazon River is probably "Harbor Green" in places, and the mythical Amazon warrior women were both muscular and curvaceous (the character in the Wonder Woman comic books was born into the Amazon race).

Yes, I'll have to call her "Amazon". Say, if she ever met up with to Mr. Biggs' red, white and blue Transtar with its star-spangled rear fenders, it would be, "Wonder Woman meets Captain America".

I'm open to suggestions for a second part of her name that will go before or after "Amazon".

1955 1/2 Ton Pickup

stude freak
02-10-2006, 01:08 AM
Ya'll got great looking trucks.For a name how about"AMAZON GODDESS"

02-10-2006, 09:55 AM
Great looking truck!
I don't know of its gender,but I bet when you were working on it you probaly gave it some female names ,like that bitch,rotten slut,etc.
I know I always do,and you know what,it makes things go better.

02-11-2006, 12:50 AM
Thanks guys, for those name suggestions (even the ones I can't say in church).

A web search on "amazon warrior", "amazon women", and just plain "amazon" led me to photos of a "Red-Lored Amazon Parrot". Hey, maybe that's it. I like parrots, and that species is green with a patch of red just above its nostrils (I suppose that is the area they call the Lore). When my truck is fully trimmed out, I'll have that big &lt; S T U D E B A K E R &gt; nameplate with a red background, just above the truck's own nostrils.

Maybe I'll call her my Red-Lored Amazon, and people will look at me strangely. At least until I pop open the Lore, and show them the shiny red engine with the dual Offy intake [8D]

1955 1/2 Ton Pickup

02-11-2006, 07:59 AM
ohhhhh- so THAT"S what my truck is supposed to look like lol

awesome looking c cab