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02-06-2006, 07:26 PM
Somewhere in my magazine collection is the article about the Bill Frick caddy conversions and I remember not being too upset about studes being ruined with other makes engines being swaped as long as it was a caddy,after all stude v8s and caddy v8s looked similar from the outside and I could use my imagination and say it was a bored out 289.This was back in 1959,Iwas 11 yrs old,just getting interested in studes.Dad blew the tranny in his 56 Pres.classic and we were geting a new STUDE.I tried to talk him into a 59 Hawk but he had to have a wagon.Oh well,at least it was a v8,with auto and power steering and it was the only new Stude I can remember. Not the last stude we had, just the last new one .