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01-23-2006, 07:11 PM
Hello Everybody, it's good to be back. When I purchased my '64 Daytona it had already been modified, not radically but too much for me to afford to restore it. Therefore I have some stock parts available that have been replaced by newer design pieces. My household will be moving in about 90 days so these need to be gone to new owners or they will have to go to scrap. I drove the car about two hundred miles before replacing the parts and they functioned normally. I believe they are usuable as is but make no warranty to that end.

TRANSMISSION, automatic incl. flex plate, starter, drivelline and linkage.

REAR AXLE, complete with fairly new brake shoes. Axle tapers, keyways and threads/nuts look normal. Center section and lube looks clean and no filings show up on a magnet.

Repair work was done by the previous owner so I am passing on what I see. It looks like the wheel cylinders are replacements and neither leak. One brake drum is smooth while the other has a considerable lip and may be near the limit but is smooth in the contact area. Both hubs fit the axle well.

There was a rumble in the rear end that I did not feel comfortable travelling with. The mechanic figured it to be a carrier bearing. Since I wanted to change ratios I opted to replace and update.

The starter and transmission worked fine but were both replaced in the installation of a later model overdrive unit. The rear end should be considered as parts only but we see no indication it could not be rebuilt.

Here in Cheyenne WY we are distant from most of you, and considering freight these items are not hot merchandise, but if you can use these pieces I will do my best to make it work rather than putting them in the scrap bin.

Let me know what you can use.

01-23-2006, 07:18 PM
Any idea on the rear end ratio?

Tom - Sterling Heights, MI

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01-24-2006, 07:26 PM
Thanks for the inquiry. 3;30 ratio. Here's the data from the gear set;
9 13 63 DANA 13426 A3D31 43;13.
Also checked the brake drums, one calipers 10.0 inches the other
10.312 or 10 5/16.
Park brake cable included-in good shape.