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01-13-2006, 04:05 PM
OK the last car was a no bainer. Lets say you had a nice GT HAwk, stored 20 years, took it out and did the following:
near perfect redone interior does still need headliner, windlace.
Has great body, though it needs paint and some rechroming. (no major dents, no rot holes!) the brand new 289 cost over 2 K to do and has all new parts, not just some cheap overhaul. The trans is rebuilt and it cost plenty. New belts, hoses& P/S hoses, 4 barrel, and on and on. Lets say the radiator,and all power steering was new. Lets say the brakes were brand new, and this car is nicely built& solid:not some ebay patch job. the engine compartment is painted, and the thing runs perfect and looks concours under the hood. All of the work is fresh, low miles. (100) This car has lots of hours and lots $pent. do you only get back what you spent? (not invested)this is a 62 with automatic. This has a 63 289 V8 with alternator conversion. If this is not above the middle,, what is? Is a perfect 62 worth what the guide says, or ebay's latest highest priced one? and was IT worth it[B)]? hard to see from a far away picture you know. Anyway it is not about the $ right?[?]

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