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12-30-2005, 07:33 PM
having hard time locating a steering wheel for my powerhawk any sugguestions

12-30-2005, 08:14 PM
good luck with that. Unfortunately, the early C-K steering wheels are very hard to find these days. Which wheel is it exactly that you are looking to replace? Does it have a button, half horn ring, or full horn ring? I believe the Schrock brothers are still recasting the "Golden Hawk" style wheel with the hand grips and little stainless trims (I think it was also used on Sky Hawks?) and when I spoke to them at Reedsville I was told that they were working on recasting the half horn ring wheel (could also be used with a full horn ring by notching the plastic spokes appropriately.) I was told that there were no plans to recast the low trim level button-only wheel. That may be your best bet, although it won't be cheap. Also be aware that the wheels used on sedan models look identical but are 1" larger in diameter which may or may not work for you. Personally I find a sedan wheel in a C-K to be too large for comfortable driving; others may not.

Which reminds me; I was going to call the Schrocks to see if they needed any steering wheel cores, as I have at least two or three old 56J wheels that could be used to recast any of the above mentioned wheels. Maybe if I can scrounge enough of them I can get a free recast (yeah right!)

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12-30-2005, 10:42 PM
It's a rather austere-looking, 3-spoke, black steering wheel with a simple (but pretty) horn button. No horn ring tho.;)
The wheel looks ALOT like the one's SASCO's been selling of late for the C-cab trucks that had an automatic transmission. They MIGHT even have the same splines! and I'm fairly sure they even used the same horn button in later years.
BTW, SASCO has lots of those NOS horn buttons. That's how I got a REAL PURDY one for my button collection![:p]

Geez, I just looked up the two wheels for my own education. The Power Hawk wheel and the Truck wheel are ONE DIGIT apart, part#-wise. The car uses #535349X41 and the truck uses 535350X41.
Maybe they're close - maybe they're miles apart. The parts books show the little turn signal cancelling ring that fits the backside of the car wheel but it doesn't show this for the truck wheel. And there may be a difference in wheel diameter as well. I'll bet Dennis at SASCO knows! Be worth a call on Monday (or Tuesday this week).

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