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Dan White
11-21-2005, 11:51 AM
I have had a problem with my Hawk ignition for several years now. If the temperature goes below about 45 degrees and you engage the starter, the engine will start but when the ignition switch goes back to run the engine dies, like you had turned of the ignition switch off. However if I hold it just short of engaging the starter I can keep the engine going. I need to hold it about 5 or 10 mintues and then the let it go to run, and all is well. I am thinking that there is something wrong or sticking in the ignition switch that is doing this. Anyone have a similar problem or should I just change the switch and see if that fixes it?

Dan White
64 R1 GT
64 R2 GT

11-21-2005, 12:46 PM
You need a new ignition switch.[}:)] It STARTS OK because the ignition bypass circuit of the start solenoid is doing like it should. But when the starter drops out - by virtue of the solenoid disengaging - ignition power HAS to come from the Ign Sw.;) If you've found that holding that key just so keeps it running, you've discovered that the contacts inside it are worn. As the car warms up, things expand - like the phenolic and metal parts inside the switch. Finally they're warm enough to make contact.
Heh - I've been meaning to change out the IGN Sw. on my Transtar for over a year now[:0][xx(] When it's cold (even on warm days), I have to be careful to turn the key back far enough after the engine starts or it'll die. My clue to this is the idiot lite for the generator. It only lite's when the ignition circuit is made. Thru trial and error, (mostly error[xx(]) I came to realize that I had to twist the key back some after the starter got the engine going. (As you see, not EXACTLY like your situation - but similar nonetheless) Once I drive it a bit, I don't have to concern myself with making sure the key is worked to the right position after starting. It works without thinking about it!:D

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Dan White
11-21-2005, 02:09 PM
Thanks Mr. Biggs, kind of what I suspected was the problem and I just keep putting off getting the switch replaced. Usually I get the Stude out about April/May and the problem does not occur until late Oct. and then it is almost time to put it away, so it does not get done, but it will next spring.

Dan White
64 R1 GT
64 R2 GT

11-21-2005, 11:16 PM
I think give a good dousing with WD-40 or something similar. I'll bet that will free it up enough that it will work fine.
Tim K.