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11-15-2005, 09:18 AM
I finally had the time to get the wagon running. The engine sounds great. I have to agree with you guys, after sitting for 17 years it started right up and sounds new, these engines a built like a brick house. Now I am tearing it apart to prep it for a new paint job. I had some questions. I was using my 64 Challenger to compare front ends and there are some differences i am curious about. The front parking lights on the Challenger are amber and on the wagon, whats left of the lenses is clear, I thought amber was the correct lens. Also when I pulled the front valnce off the bottom of the wagon there were 4 bolts with huge fender washers attached to a plastic blocks under the headlights. My Challenger does not have that. Is that a commander thing. Also any advise on the best way to remove the sliding roof?

Thanks again for your advise and help

By the way, I sent in my application to join the local chapter and SDC, waiting for local guys to get back to me.

Skip Lackie
11-15-2005, 10:03 AM
I can offer one tiny piece of info WRT parking light lenses. The Feds mandated amber parking lights on all cars built after 1 January 63; virtually all US-made 1963-model cars (including those built in late 62) had amber parking lights. For the 64 models, Stude chose to put amber bulbs behind clear lenses. Several states that required safety inspection (a lot of them didn't in those days) decided that that arrangement didn't meet the Federal standard and flunked the cars at inspection.[:0] Stude put out a service letter that announced the availability of amber lenses that could be retrofitted to cars in those states (as I recall, they were NY, Mass, and DC). The Feds later clarified their reg to mean that the light radiating from the parking lights had to be amber in color, and that the means the manufacturers used to achieve that end was not an issue. So you can use either color lenses on your 64, but if you choose clear lenses, technically you gotta use amber bulbs.
Skip Lackie