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09-10-2005, 01:48 PM
Hello All,
Its up and running again, it being our 57 Provincial. I found what I believe to be the cause, that is, a tank full of old gas and varnish. I poured what looked like taffy out of the gas tank, fuel pump, carb, and all related lines. After a hard day yesterday, a quick fiddle with the points this morning netted a engine that fired right up and ran smoothly. Compression checks at 130 with one at 125psi. Hard lesion, I should have pulled the tank. I previously drained, sloshed a gallon or so of gas around, and drained again, cleaned the lines, and changed filter. I looked clean coming out at the pump. I guess the new gas dissolved this junk. A first for me, lesion learned. Well,,Gotta go, I got a stack of brake parts a-waiting for me.

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09-10-2005, 02:10 PM

I can state honestly that I've become "expert" at removing and replacing gas tanks in 58 Provincials (I'm being facetios here as any 50s Stude wagon would be the same - it's just that MY wagon is a 58[}:)])
And the first time I had it out, I was SURE I'd gotten all the crap out. I could look inside it pretty well using bright flashlights and inspection mirrors.:(
Alas - between what I thought was insignificant and having troubles with the gas gage system, my tank came down 3 times in the course of things.[xx(]

And I STILL haven't got a gage that makes sense!:( I'll deal with that later - after I get some paint work done on it.

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