View Full Version : shifter - clutch problem

09-02-2005, 12:36 AM
okay guys gotti's got a new problem/bug

my 50 champ with stock motor and tranny is giving me problems shifting from high gear to low gear whether im moving or sitting still but only at operating temperature

when you first fire the car up and drive it for thirty mins or so it shifts fine but once the opertating temp increses it starts to give problems

it seems that if i shift it into third reguardless of what gear im in at a complete stop then shift to first it works better with lil to no grind but any other time it grinds like the clutch is not pushed in

please dont tell me its the clutch needing replacement or pressure plate, throwout bearing or any of those hard to do park the car for four or five day things. (ive put alot of miles on the car since i put it on the street and drive the c**p out of it so )

ive adjusted the clutch a slight bit but it only seemed to help a little and im afraid to adjust it any more. is this a common problem or whats the deal

man id hate to have to go in and tear the tranny down
please guys gimme some good news and a quick fix

09-02-2005, 01:20 AM
i had asimilar problem with my lark. when i pulled the trans i had decided to open it up and take alook i saw my synchro grear was split in two.
so instead of the third gear giving me problems it was the second. it sounds almost like the problem i had. i fixed it by putting in a 5 speed.