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08-22-2005, 04:42 PM
Maybe 10 - 12 years ago, I bought out all the Stude parts that a local machine shop had had on the shelves when they closed up in the late 60s. Walked away with big boxes of engine bearings, rings, this, that 'n the other. I sold or traded most of it to vendors and used the credit to get stuff I wanted for my own projects.
Today, while looking for something else, I came across a big box of pal nuts that I scored from that machine shop. They're 3/8ths pal nuts like are used in Stude V8 engines (on the rod bolts).
I've got maybe 5 or 6 times a lifetime supply here![:0] If any of you would like a set, send me a self-addressed, legal-sized envelope with first class postage attached and I'll use it to send you 18 (two extra) pal nuts.
SI gets 10 cents apiece for them + shipping (which would probably exceed the buck sixty cost of the 16 nuts). Not a big deal - but everybody likes the idea of a "freebie" now and then.
I'm in the SDC roster OR you can E-mail me for my mailing address. I'm hesitant to put it up here.[}:)]
Sorry - I don't have any for 6s[V]

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08-22-2005, 07:08 PM
Those nuts are also used on the stud mounted shocks, BTW. (I'll take a set!)


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