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07-30-2005, 09:44 AM
Help, I'm new to the studebaker game w/ a 63 Avanti. I now have the body off the frame and will be doing a total restoration. My questions are about the automatic tranny etc.

1. Why take off in 2nd gear?
2. How slow/fast?
3. Take off in first and shift to drive?
4. I want this car to be a great driver!
5. I keep hearing about a GM 700R4 conversion?
6. I put a 2004R in a 40 ford/w a 350 eng. great driver!
7. This car was bought at the Charlotte spring Swap meet and was not driveable. It was bought as a project/hobby!
Please all help ideas etc., is greatly appreciated. I meet a great guy named Steve yesterday on the phone when calling to ask a question on what W.G. Div. on the tranny meant. " Warner Gearing Div.". The information everyone has is so vast and I'm just learning. Thanks for the help. roger

07-30-2005, 03:23 PM
Start by joining the Studebaker Drivers Club (this site) for vendors, ads, technical information, historical information, etc. You might also want to join the Avanti Owners Assoc. Intl. Get a build sheet for your car from the Studebaker National Museum.
You mention "a total restoration." I don't see how modification questions would apply.
WG is for Warner Gear, not "Warner Gearing."
There were a lot of running changes in Avantis, especially considering the small number built, so you need to have your serial number (on a tag on the frame - not the body number) available.

07-30-2005, 04:19 PM
The true value in 'restoring' a car is in it's originality. A 289/automatic Avanti will be a nice cruiser. Changing the trans won't make it any more drivable or valuable. In fact, it may decrease it's value.

As mentioned, join SDC, get a copy of your build sheet (if you didn't already find a copy in your car), and a good set of manuals. Good luck and happy motoring :).

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