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06-30-2005, 12:49 AM
Are BW and DG automatics related items or seperate animals? What is the application of a DG250 and when did we go to BW?

06-30-2005, 08:11 AM
I think 1956 was the year of the change, the 12 volt system came that year, the two could be related, however I have been told the two units were simalar(not the same)& the BW was more cost effective.[^][V][?]

06-30-2005, 11:57 AM
In 1956, Studebaker went with the Borg-Warner Flight-o-matic. This was really a minor rehash of the existing Ford-o-matic that BW was building for Ford at the time.
The DG (DG for Detroit Gear division of Borg-Warner) transmissions were initially developed by BW's DG division in collaboration with Studebaker. Studebaker introduced their DG transmission in 1950 and used it as their only automatic tranny thru 1955. There were basically 3 variants of the DG used during it's run. The differences were to accomodate the different power of the different engines employed.
Since the DG cost more to produce than the Ford-o-matic, Studebaker opted to buy a slightly changed version of that tranny for use in the '56 and later models (the changes were basically the difference in the shift pattern than what Ford used). Stude DID use some DG trannies in some 1956 Champions and any '56 V8 automatic trucks that were built. But no '56 V8 cars had DGs and '56 was the last year Studebaker used the unit.
Other automakers (primarily european) used the DG in their cars that called for such but it was pretty much done by the early 60s.
BTW, it had nothing to do with the conversion to 12volts in '56. UNLESS - you count it as a cost-cutting measure. 12 volt systems require smaller gage wiring to do the same things that 6volt systems use. Less use of copper in cars had to be a significant savings as was the switching to the less sophisticated FOM transmission.:D

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