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06-12-2005, 10:35 PM
I'm too lazy to retype the whole thing and ignorant of how to bring it over here as a block, so go to alt.autos.studebaker on the Google Group and locate the above topic for some happy Studebaker news. BP


06-12-2005, 10:52 PM
Super Studebaker Exposure This Week
Here's the link to the prestigious Indianapolis Concours Grand Prix
that will be held next Saturday (June 18, 2005) at Monument Circle in
the center of downtown Indianapolis. It is free to any and all who want
to come:


You don't just show up and enter your car; certain cars are invited to
attend, and others are selected from a small group of applicants. My
wife and I spent the day there at last year's event and were greatly
impressed with the high quality (and $$$$) of the cars.

The only Studebaker last year was Jim Turner's 1952 Commander
Convertible, and it was well received. 'Not sure how Jim got the
invite, but I am sure being the BS (that would be Body Shop) MGR for a
prominent Indianapolis Dodge dealer would help! <G>

What is really cool THIS year is that Ted Harbit was contacted and
asked to bring The Chicken Hawk, of all things!! He said "yes," so The
Chicken Hawk will be displayed among mega-buck classics and the like.
The color advertisement in today's (Sun, June 12th) Indianapolis Star
said the event would be hosting "200 of the Most Desirable Cars in the
World." Since that statement includes The Chicken Hawk, can you imagine
ANY workers assembling that car 54 years ago in South Bend would have
had ANY idea...?!?!?

It will be a busy week for Ted: About noon Thursday, June 16, wife and
I will appear at Ted's place in my Dakota Quad Cab with empty car
trailer in tow. We will load The Tomato on the trailer and Ted and Mary
Ann will follow us up to near Martin MI, arriving at the Plainwell MI
Comfort Inn to spend Thursday night.

Friday, June 17th, is the Invitational Pure Stock/F.A.S.T. car shootout
at Martin Dragway, sponsored by Year One. Ted was asked to bring a
Studebaker, so we are taking The Tomato up to compete in Friday's

'Will be coming home late Friday so Ted can get up early the next
morning to bring The Chicken Hawk to Indianapolis for this Indianapolis
Concours Grand Prix.

It shoud be a good week for getting some high-performance Studes out in
front of the unwashed masses. <G> The Chicken Hawk being REQUESTED to
attend The Concours Grand Prix is a real coup. BP


06-13-2005, 06:40 AM
Thanks, Dan! BP:)