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Chicken Hawk
06-08-2005, 10:58 PM
Thanks to everyone chipping in with ideas. The truck seems to be fixed now but I still don't know for sure what the problem was. I'm thinking it was a combination of things as I can't see any one of them causing the problem to be as severe as it was.

Here's what I think the combination of things were that caused the problem:

Replaced the rear U joint that was just barely loose enough that you could feel it.

I thought I was going to find a U joint frozen when I removed the driveshaft. All were fine, no play and free in all directions. The drives shaft is a three piece with two center bearings. These bearings are incased in a bracket with rubber between the bearings and bracket. The second bracket was not tight where it bolts to the frame and was not perfectly even. By this I mean the bracket was not 90 degrees to the drive shaft. How it got this way and how long it's been that way I do not know. I centered it when installing the drive shaft. All I had to do was straighten it on the rubber. I'm thinking this might have been the bigger part of the problem but again, can't see it causing it to be so violent.

There is a 1 3/4" nut on the back of the transmission and this holds the flange that bolts to the front drive shaft flange. This flange has four studs and a matching flange on the front of the drive shaft. This nut still had the cotter key in it but the nut was loose. Not much but enough that I could barely wiggle the drum that the emergency brake surrounds. Bought me a 1 3/4" socket and tightened the nut and put in another cotter key. I thought the bearing may have gone bad in the back of the transmission but there is no noise or any indication the bearing is bad. I assume the nut has been loose for years.

I suppose there is a possibility that with the slight wobble in the drum, this could have made the emergency brake slightly apply but the handle has plenty of free play.

Besides checking the wheel bearings in both front and back wheels, checking the brakes, checking for cracked or broken drums and wheels, almost pulling the rear end apart, checking engine and transmission mounts, retorqued the U bolts on the new springs I had installed, and anything else I could think of, this is all I did and found nothing wrong with any of them..

When I got it all back together I took it out for a trial run and everything was fine. Then loaded the car on it to see if it was still ok. So far it is.

Keeping my fingers crossed it stays ok.

Plan on taking the CH and Tomato to the Indy Goodguys Hot Rod Nationals this weekend so should be a good test. Dreading it in a way as it is supposed to be HOT and there is such a mob there, only get one run a day.


06-09-2005, 12:13 AM
Good news that it's "cured". Irksome that you can't say "how".[}:)] Thanks again for being our "Standard Bearer", Ted!:D

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