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06-07-2005, 05:46 AM
The parking brake on my 1953 Starlight didn't pass
the inspection so I took down the rear brakes today.
I ordered a new rear parking brake cables from
Studebaker International a while ago, so I thought
I'd just replace the one on the car and redo the
rest of the rear brakes when I hade them down.
To my surprise the parking brake cables
(ordered from Stude Intl (partnr. 533065 was for
1954-64 C & K) didn't fit at all.

My 1953 was updated with stuff from a 1957 Hawk
by a previous owner but I don't know all what is
and what is not. The front brakes are finned
so I guess those are from the 1957 Hawk. The rear
drums though are 9" are those still stock 1953,
or what are they from?
(see pictures here)


According to the 1953 Chassis manual 533065 is
for 14G, 15G, 4H, 5H so even if the rear brakes
are still stock 1953 the rear parking brake
cables ought to fit.

So what I need right know is the correct parking
brake cables, a few clips and the small springs.

Anyone of you guys know what to buy
(preferably by partnumber) and where?


Michael Bostedt
Gavle, Sweden

06-07-2005, 12:54 PM

Are you SURE that cable won't work in your backing plates[?] I mean - I know it LOOKS different. But if it'll sit in the hole in the backing plate and you can get the little clamp in place, it might well function just fine.
Are the overall lengths of the cables the same? While the SI catalog shows this cable to be for 54 thru 64, the Studebaker parts book shows the same part # was indeed used from 53 on for C-K cars. Actualy, I find that a bit of a surprize since they vastly changed the brakes on their cars for the 54 models. But maybe they DID use the same E-brake cable in '53. It's hard NOT to believe the factory parts book. I've never bothered to compare them (the cables) side-by-side to note any differences.
It so happens I have a 53 Coupe that I'm going to convert to a later Stude rear and brakes. If you wanted, I'd let the original brake cable go to you if that would help. Fact is tho - I might even have a set of Commander rear brakes (10") I'd sell you to better work with the V8 brakes you have up front. I'd have to check to be certain.
Those clips you show you need, and the springs, (part #s 642522 clip & 521407 spring) are available from SASCO (800) 722-4295 or SI (317)462-3124 and probably lots of other vendors as well.[^]

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06-07-2005, 09:20 PM
The rear cable on my 63 Cruiser and my 53 Coupe are identical. Are you sure you laced them through the cable guides on the inside f the frame?

06-08-2005, 06:39 AM

Thanks so much for your help and kind offer.
I believe the overall length of the cables
are about the same. Since I have to redo the
inspection within a month I'll give it a try
to rework the cable I have in some way.
I talked to Howe at SI yesterday and ordered
the return springs and clips.
He said that they only had the
1954-64 version (partnr. 533065) but that it
should work on the 1953 aswell with some custom
work. It had been done before. He also said that
1953 brakes were made by Wagner-Lockeed while
1954 and up brakes were made by Bendix Brake.
So as you said, it's hard to believe that they
used the same brake cable.

If I can't get it to work I'd like to take you
up on that offer to have your old brake cable.
Also, like you suggest a rebuild of those rear
brakes to 1954 and up 10" would be nice in the
future. I'll let you know how it progress...

By the way, great barn find, that Maui blue
C3 Commander of yours.

Michael Bostedt
Gavle, Sweden