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04-13-2005, 06:33 PM
Okay guys... here's another question for you. My 63 Daytona is all original, except for the wheel covers. The guy I bought it from trashed the original ones and replaced them with Chevrolet chrome spoke ones. I want Stude wheel covers, but since my car body is solid black I'm thinking about getting the '63 Hawk ones (P/N AC-3405) because they are black trimmed. As I'm sure you all know, original ones to the Lark that year were trimmed in white (P/N AC-3381).

Question: Will the Hawk wheel covers fit my stock Lark rims? Thanks (again).

'63 Daytona Convertible

04-13-2005, 07:22 PM
Heck, any postwar Studebaker full disc wheelcover will fit your Lark. All except standard issue '58 wheelcovers and possibly the '55 wire type wheelcovers. 1958 was the one year that Stude adopted 14" wheels as standard. All other years were 15". The 55 "Speedster wires" require wheels of a certain offset or depth to accomodate the rather elaborate way they mount.
Notice I said FULL wheelcovers there. That's because there IS some difference in diameters of some of the smaller cap style covers used on some postwar cars. (the kind of cover we commonly refer to as "bottlecaps" or "Dog dish".
I sorta like bottlecap covers with trim rings. Especially if the wheels are painted a different, but complimentary color from the car. Looks right classy!;)

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