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04-13-2005, 11:39 AM
Shameless self promotion time....with a special offer for forum readers...

Studebaker V8 intake manifolds modified to accept an AFB carb with no hassles.
See Ebay links for technical descriptions,
and see: <http://community.webshots.com/album/169539546yHBuvB> for photo's)

If you want one of these manifolds, contact me directly at: DEEPNHOCK @ Worldnet.att.net
(take the spaces out of this address to get it to work), or go to Ebay (see links below)

I will beat the shipping charges that Ebay factors in by a few bucks...
And for this batch, I will waive the $5 packaging fee, as I came into some nice freebie boxes.
No packaging fee's until I have to buy boxes.
Manifolds are in stock now, and I can ship them as soon as I get back home.
South Bend swap meet is coming... Place an order and I will bring it to South Bend,
Save the freight! Bring a core.

Sliding scale discount on cores (brought to me) toward a manifold purchase.
$125.00 outright (no core needed at all)
$99.95 (one core required)
$10 additional off on every 'extra' core delivered. (if you bring 9, the manifold is FREE!)

Just put 8 up on Ebay.... (4 outright, and 4 exchange)
One sold already, and two are being talked about via e-mail.

Will also do custom work on your manifold(s)...
Thanks for your time..
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