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03-23-2005, 11:41 PM
my trunk lid will not close properly

one hinge closes coreectly (pass side )
i can unbolt the one that does not and the trunk closes like it should
some one has bubble gum welded the cracks in the hinge well i went in and ground every thing clean so that way it scissors like it should but it just doesnt go down far enough for the lid to sit flush like it should

i thought about spacing the hinge down with washers were the top part of the hinge bolts to the body but i really dont know what to do at the bottum of the hinge redriil the lower hole (cause you can only adjust forward & back not up & down) enough to make it sit flush

any advice


Henry Votel
03-24-2005, 12:43 AM
Hey Gotti,

Chronic problem is always the left trunk hinge. Lack of lubrication has caused wear. Chances are that your hinge operating parts are loose and that some of the holes with the rivets are ovaled. Lubrication may help. Take the hinge off for a look see. Use pennies to stretch out the springs so you can get them off while they are expanded. Once springs are off you'll be able to detect if worn holes have caused a loose function. Probably need to be rebushed. Depending on you it can be done DIY with slightly larger rivets or take it to a shop that can handle it. New rivets and lubrication usually solve the problems. make sure parts are straight as you reassemble.

Henry Votel
Forest Lake, MN

03-24-2005, 01:03 AM
Well, this isn't the answer that you're gonna wanna hear but... I had exactly the same problem as you're going through with the driver's side hinge, on a '50 Champion, 4 door. A friend of mine, "just closed the trunk lid" for me at a cruise, and the hinge got all frigged up. Actually, it looked at first glance like he had just somehow over-extended the hinge. However, he had actually tried to simply pull it down and lower it gently. Don't ask me what happened, because it didn't Look all that bad at the time he did it. But it was so bad that I had to remove the hinge to get the trunk lid to sit down so I could drive the car home.

To make a loooong story short, I tried to fix it, I had "help" from a few friends who stopped by, I had a professional machinist/welder friend try to fix it, (we even took it completely apart and what a SOB THAT was!), ALL to no avail! Yep, that damned trunk hinge kicked all of our butts. My advice, find another hinge, install it FIRST, then make sure that you get it, (AND the other trunk hinge on your car), good and greased up and working smoothly.

Also, do NOT let anyone but yourself drop that trunk lid. I've discovered that if I pull it, (just VERY slightly), towards me as I lower it, and after it goes "over center" on the way down, I release the pressure, it seems to work much better.

Those hinges are actually pretty finely tuned and fairly complicated little pieces of engineering. The springs are hugely powerful, and if you look closely at it you'll see that the hinge is a dual acting, over centering device, (just try to imagine holding that trunk lid up by yourself). The problem is, the arms and mechanism are rather delicately made, not really heavy enough. Like a piece of paper on edge, they have great longitudinal capacity, but no side to side strength.

Yeah, I know that olí hinge doesn't look all that complicated, but trust me, you don't wanna tangle with a bad one! [:I]


03-27-2005, 06:06 PM
Your spring has sprung. Depending on year, one side alsways goes south.

Find a junker or a salvage yard and remove one from a clunker,

Been there twice with my 47's

03-29-2005, 05:49 PM
dont think that thats the prob (bondobilly) cause the lid closes flat when the hinge is unbolted

im stuck like chuck on this one

i evan tryed shiming the hinge down to allow more travel but that not working either it only closed the gap alili bit
i dunno

any other ideas