View Full Version : '55 C-body exhaust help!

02-14-2005, 11:53 AM
Hi all,

tried to post this to the newsgroup but Usenet seems to be down today, posts are not showing up on three different servers! Need a quick answer if you can help... here's the deal.

Last week I bought a '55 Commander coupe with a later 289 swapped into it. The exhaust in the car was custom bent it looks like and it needs to go - it's causing too many problems with interference to various things (most notably the tranny fill tube and worst of all it pushes the e-brake cable up into the driveshaft.) Of course York is coming up so I'd like to order a system for York delivery which means I need to get this figured out right away. I spoke to Don Simmons today (very knowledgeable and friendly guy BTW) and he asked me to check two things

1) make sure the car has the original gas tank (makes a difference in the left side tailpipe apparently)
2) make sure it has the original rear valence and not a later Hawk dual exhaust valence

I think I can handle the gas tank question, but what's the difference between a '55 valence and a later one? Pics would be great!



55 Commander Starlight
62 Daytona hardtop