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01-31-2005, 04:45 PM
I just got a 1928 Studebaker and i would like to restore it but I dont know where to start.

02-01-2005, 10:45 PM
First things first.... Get every manual you can find for the car, if possible. Do as much research as you can on the car, internet, library, books, whatever, FIRST. Even parts manuals will give you a hint as to where parts go if you're having trouble putting things together or they're missing. The reason that you want to do as much research as you can before the restoration is because you'll need to make some important decisions before you even start. Considerations such as final paint color, and the specific configuration/model that the car will be built as, MUST be made before you even start!

Next, do a complete inventory of the car, top to bottom, front to rear. You probably need bad or missing parts and you need to know so you can start looking ASAP. Nothing worse than getting down to being almost finished and missing something.

Next, take pictures of the car, every square inch of it if you can, (a digital camera is best, of course). Make sure to capture the most detail that you can, especially wiring, cable placement, window mechanisms, etc., anything that has multiple pieces that have to go back together in the right sequence/manner to work correctly are particularly important.

Next, disassemble the car, if it needs it, right down to the last bolt and nut on the frame. Put EVERYTHING that you took off, every single screw and washer, ('cause some of them will be special or unique), no matter HOW messed up the piece is, in baggies. Write right on the baggies with a magic marker, noting what it is that's in the baggie. Note: There is no such thing as too much written information. Make copious notes, get strong boxes and put assemblies, with the baggies that belong to those parts, in the boxes and mark on the box what is in it.

Then the fun begins, cleaning, sanding, wire brushing, ordering parts, sanding, getting plating done, fixing instruments, sanding, overhauling major components, wiring, sanding, soldering, welding, sanding, brazing, sanding painting, and reassembly.

Keep us posted on the progress will ya? :)


02-01-2005, 11:02 PM
Be SURE to join the Antique Studebaker Club. Great club with lots of helpful, knowledgeable folks that'll do what they can to help revive your '28.;)

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