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01-11-2005, 07:07 AM
I own a 1949 Land Cruiser. It has a dealer name plate attached above the trunk handle, and it sure likes like an original. The dealer is "Shanks Motor Company, Terre Haute." Does anyone have information on that dealer. Coincidently, My undle owned a dealership in Framingham Massachusetts (J. M. Kadra Motor Sales) until 1958


Bill Pressler
01-13-2005, 02:13 PM

The Studebaker National Museum can provide the info you are looking for. Their address is at their website. Andy Beckman is the curator and can help you out. They charge $25.00 for research, but consider it a donation to the new Studebaker Museum they are currently building in South Bend!

I have been to the archives, and have also requested the type of information you want through the mail as well. They have large "card catalogue"-type files of dealer contract cards...in order of state, then city or town, and also in alpha order by name of dealer. They can send you a copy of the card which shows every Studebaker dealer that particular town had over the years and from when to when, by name, and also the street address of the last Studebaker dealer in town.

Expect about four to six weeks to receive the information...especially now since they are inventorying the archives. But I agree, that is neat information to have!

Good luck!

Bill Pressler
Kent, OH
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Bill Pressler
01-13-2005, 02:17 PM

Can I assume you are a member of the Studebaker Drivers' Club and get the terrific monthly magazine, "Turning Wheels"? If so, you might try to post your question to the editor in the "Letters" column as I imagine many members may not be "online". After re-reading your post I take it you are interested in people who have actual memories/knowledge of that dealer, not just from when to when they operated, etc.