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12-21-2004, 08:27 AM
Looking for some SDC Forum magic......

I 'volunteered' to co-chair the trophy committee for the 2006 SDC SE Zone
Kind of looking forward to it.
Have some interesting ideas for plaques, or trophies, or awards, or
Before ramming my ideas down the throats of my fellow chapter members,
I thought maybe I'd ask you all for a little help.
Think about the most interesting plaque, award, trophy, etc. that you have
seen given at a meet, show, etc.
Do you have a clear picture of it, or can you take one?
Please E-mail it to me.
I'd like to run my ideas, as well as those sent in, to my co-chair and fellow chapter members.
Thanks ahead of time.
Jeff ( NEVER miss a chapter meeting*..) Rice[8D]
* You might get elected in absentia.....really <g>....

'61 Hawk
'37 Coupe Express

12-21-2004, 02:33 PM
The Hudson Valley Chapter, SDC had unique trophies every year for about 20 years. After that the volunteers wore out and we went to Stu Tritt who is excellent for price, service and quality in Studebaker trophies. By unique, I do not mean just for our Chapter, but by year and sometimes by class. One year each class had trophies with Lucite cut outs of appropriate models like C/K, truck, Avanti. Another year, we had designs sand blasted into Lucite. These items were mounted on a hand made wooden base that had a dash plaque attached to it. These are just two examples that come to mind. I think that these were the only two that used Lucite, but I would have to dig into my cartons of trophies to jog my memory of others. I agree that something unique and hand made is appreciated.