View Full Version : Chap/gap in Daytona frame, front end

12-19-2004, 01:01 PM
I have a 1967 Excalibur with a Daytona chassis. To my surprise I discoved a chap/gap on both sides in the main frame just behind the front suspension. Does anybody have any experience around this matter? What can have caused this? Poor welding at factory??? The car has 70' miles on the meter and no rust!

Jan-Tore, Norway

12-19-2004, 04:09 PM
40 years down the road, this is one of the weak points that's come to light. Feel good that you found it now, not when it let go. The other spot that seems to give trouble is the top of the spring tower, where the inner shaft of the upper A-arm attaches. Turns out they actualy offered a reinforcement piece to fix that area.[}:)]
One would think that that Excalibur, being lighter in body than a full-sized car, would see less stress where you've found a gap. But I'd be suspicious of the odometer reading you quoted. After all, that's not much mileage for 38 years. [:0]
I've seen a Hawk where the front crossmember had broken completely away from the frame rails. BUT - these are exceptions. Most Studes I see have not failed in either place I've mentioned here. It's just that it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on these old buggies. They certainly weren't built with an eye towards going on for decades and decades. ;)

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