View Full Version : Horn buttons wanted

12-05-2004, 07:56 PM
I need a particular horn button to help fill out my collection. The one I need for a '41 Champion. It's red cloisenne with "Studebaker" slanting downwards from left to right. On either side of the name is a couple of chromed (for lack of a better description) "tomahawks". I've seen this button on some cars but I've never seen but a badly smashed one at a swap meet or such. I BELIEVE the part# is 199943X1.
I'd ALSO like to find an Avanti II button that has the woodgrain applique around the center. AND - while Santa's listenin' - some plain, black pre-'35 buttons KNOWN to come from Studebakers.
That's it St. Nick! And I'll be good forever![^]

Miscreant at large.