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11-21-2004, 01:24 PM
Hi everybody. My wife and I are new SDC members and Studebaker owners. We purchased our white 1963 GT Hawk (V8 automatic)in August of this year. The car had been in storage for 20 years or so - a "20 footer"... well, maybe a "30 footer" :-). Anyway, after doing some under hood basics, we put a couple of hundred miles on it this fall while deciding what work we would embark on over the winter (Ontario, Dominion of Canada). Right now the floors are tidied up - minor spot patching only required and the bumpers and grille are off, seats are out. So here are our questions and perhaps you can help;
1) The interior has all red rear seats(excellent shape)while the front buckets are red with white inserts (poor condition - splits and stains). In all the Hawk photos I've seen, the front and rear seats match. They either all have inserts or don't. Was it optional to have white inserts in the front buckets only or have these seats been put in from another car? Floor carpet was black and needs replacement but lower door carpet is red and in good condition. Would the original floor carpet have been red as well?
2) The bumpers are straight, just very dull with checks and hazing and some rust above the rear exhausts but the surround of the grill is pitted pretty badly. Can these grille surrounds be rechromed or should we look for a used replacement or NOS/reproduction(if such things exist?).
3) Same problem with the three pcs. below the windshield. We haven't tried to remove those - what's holding them on? Wire clips that will likely disintegrate? Any good sources for replacements or is replating the way to go?? Did the Hawk share these pcs with other models/years?
4) The dash - gauge surround has had the woodgrain buffed off leaving slightly pitted aluminum. Centre section is original woodgrain looking very tired and glovebox door has been recovered in a darker woodgrain peel and stick vinyl. To say the least, this is not a happy combination. Any suggestions on where to go with this situation?
5) There appears to have been underhood insulation at one time - now none, just remains of adhesive. Was underhood insulation available from the factory on Hawks? Are replacement pads available?

So, we're hoping that those who have "been there, done that" can offer some helpful comments and suggestions. Thanks!

11-22-2004, 08:08 AM
I wish I knew more about the Hawks, I'm more of a Lark and bulletnose fella Hub. I DO know that the padding under the hood was standard on your Hawk and is available from Studebaker International. Tell Ed we said Hey when you talk to him! http://www.studebaker-intl.com/ Get a catalog, it's a great just to look through and pretty good as a reference too.....


11-22-2004, 10:10 PM
Welcome, it's always nice to hear from new GT owners!
1) Yes, you are correct in thinking that the front seats should match the rear. It would seem that either one or the other has been replaced. The carpet should be red for a car with red interior. It may be worth while to get a build sheet for the car to find out which is correct for the car if that matters to you.
2) The grille surrounds can be rechromed, but be aware that the area around the bird on top will come out shiny and will no longer have the matt/satin appearance that it has now. I think SASCO may have NOS grille surrounds.
3) The three piece trim at the bottom edge of the windshield is getting quite hard to find. If yours are not badly pitted it would be worth while to have them replated. To remove them you have to remove the nuts/speed fasteners from underneath behind the dash. On the side pieces there is a hidden screw at the end where the opening for the door is. When you put these pieces back on seal the places where the post or bolt like thingy goes through the cowl or when it rains it will leak and drip right into your radio. Also if you are using nuts to fasten them turn them only one quarter turn after contact or you will create a dimple in the surface of the chrome. This last tip goes for the grille surround also.
4) I don't know. Let me know when you find a nice looking replacement I'd like to do mine.
5) Sonny's suggestion is correct, but notice that the pad goes on off center. It should not be over the top of the battery. Use the spray on 3M Super Trim Adhesive, but cover the engine and fenders with a tarp, the stuff splatters.
I hope this helps, ask away if you have more questions.
Tim K.