View Full Version : Speedometer gear -- Help

Tom B
11-16-2004, 02:07 PM
I seem to have shot myself in the foot. I replaced the 3 spd transmission in my Lark VI (Six) with an OD transmission. The car has 4.1 rear axle, the transmission came from a car with 4.56 rear axle and Studebaker International says there is no 16 tooth speedo gear that will work in my Lark. (Mathematically what I need to correct for the wrong drive gear.)

What I need is a phenolic 16 tooth gear with a 1/4 inch hole in the middle, 7/8 inch in diameter and 7/16th inch long.

I can remove the mounting shaft from it and place it on my mounting shaft. These 16 tooth gears are supposed to be for four speed transmissions, and apparently won't go in a Lark speedo cable.

I know there's gotta be one of these gears in someone's junk box somewhere, I'll pay (within lots of reason) what it's worth, plus shipping.

Tom Bredehoft
'53 Commander Coupe
'60 Lark VI