View Full Version : !2 V olt or 6 Volt guages

02-24-2007, 03:15 PM
I am re wiring my 55 Pres State. It was converted to 12 volt by the previous owner. I see no volt reduction on the line to the gauges. They have worked fine ( about 4,000 miles for me). There is '12 volt' penciled on the paper backing the gauges sit on. Is there any way I can measure ohms to tell if these are 6 or 12 volt gauges? Is the fact I have driven 4,000 miles proof these are 12 volt gauges.? Previous owner is 6 feet under.:( ( I suspect he may have used 12 volt gages and used the cover plate of the old 6 volt gaugas.)

02-24-2007, 04:21 PM
Kurt; I think you are absolutely right! There is no way the 6 volt gauges would have survived with no "Volt-A-Drop" in line.

Maybe they are Truck gauges or reworked '55 6 Volt. I can't think of any 12V ones that would be similar in a car, '56-'57 Sedan/Wagon Temp. & Fuel were a strange type with green & red flags moving across opposite color backgrounds and no Oil & Amp. gauges, and Hawk would not work either.

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