View Full Version : 55 Power Brake problem resolved

04-23-2010, 02:42 PM
It pays to read the Forum posts. My 55 had brake grab problems for as long as I have had it. If I drove over 10 or so miles then the first time I hit the brakes they grabbed severely; after that they were fairly normal but periodically grabbed. In November when I prepared my car for winter storage I pulled the battery to clean and paint the Battery box. I remembered a post about neatís-foot oil in the power brake unit, looked up the quantity (very small) and added it. Not being able to resist an improvement I fashioned a standpipe doohickey so I wouldnít have to remove the battery in the future. I didnít drive it then.

I came back from the South this week and took the Stude out. What a remarkable improvement. The brakes do not grab and have a more supple pedal feel. I think reading the posts here kinda forms a knowledge base that might very well help in the future.:):):)
Happy Trails, Murray