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Steve W.
08-25-2006, 04:16 PM
Greetings all!
Does any one know if there is a differance in the size of the hole on the small fitting that goes between the rubber line and the steel line to the oil press gauge on V8/I6 Chevybakers? The line adapter on my dad's 63 Hawk is slightly larger and I'm hoping that the low oil pressure reading on the gauge is because I have the small holed adapter (that came with the I6 which is now a V8). I know I should check it with another gauge but a bad back is slowing down any car tinkering). BTW, at idle with the engine warm there is a fair amount of oil being pumped to the rockers so I thought the gauge was off.
I'd rather keep the stock gauges than hang aftermarket from the dash.

08-25-2006, 05:27 PM
Steve; the hole size will not affect pressure, only volume of oil to the gauge. It will not matter at all. Test it with a direct reading pressure gauge or one from a Hawk to be sure gauge is correct. Chev engines do not have as high a oil press. as a Stude.

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