View Full Version : Reedsville on the cheap!

11-18-2009, 11:34 AM
Anybody brave enough to consider sharing motel expenses Friday? I am not sure just yet if I can make the trek, but if I do ... send me a private e mail if you would consider halving room expense. The last time I went to Reedsville (years ago) about 6 or 8 of us from SC made the trip together. Two of them were brothers and got the bed. The rest of us were on the couch, in the chair and various corners of the floor. I hardly got any sleep that night.[|)] The brothers were "fanning" the covers on each other:D. The ones that were sleeping were snoring to the point that it reminded me of a farm pond full of bull frogs in springtime! It was so funny I couldn't get upset about it.:) If I can go...I plan to arrive Friday afternoon and leave mid-day Saturday.

When I drove to Oklahoma to pick up the old truck from "clonelark" on the forum...my wife was concerned because I was going to spend the night at a house of people I hadn't met before.:( She said..."for all you know...they could be ax murderers!"[:0] I replied..."for all they know...so could I!":D I only hope I was as good a guest as they were hosts. I think it was the first time I had been treated to a ride in a super charged lark. Anyway, if any body is interested...e mail me. I will be in and out all day so please be patient for a reply.

John Clary
Greer, SC
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