View Full Version : Starter solenoid wiring - 50 Commander

10-06-2009, 11:10 AM
I was stupid enough to remove the starter solenoid from my 50 Commander without marking terminals, now I can't get it to fire again. Plus there are a heck of a lot more wires going to the soelnoid than are shown in the wiring diagram. The solenoid body has a sticker on the battery terminal, so at least I know I've got that one right. Then there's a tiny one (oil pressure sensor I think) that can only go to the little terminal on the back. Do all the rest go with the battery lead, or do any go to the earth terminal on the other side of the solenoid body? Thanks Andrew, London

10-06-2009, 04:15 PM
There should be three posts on that solenoid. Two large ones and one small one. One large one recieves the battery cable (and maybe one or two other wires) and the other large one connects to the starter. The little post gets the wire from the starter switch. This wire will provide a ground (not power) from the start switch to cause the solenoid to actuate. The other side of the winding in the solenoid is internally wired to that big "BAT" terminal, so the coil's essentially hot all the time. It's only when you provide a ground to the little terminal that the winding does it's intended job.;)

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