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08-02-2009, 10:19 PM
These were some of the cars, trucks, buses, and trains from today's car show. This car show and the grounds are enormous so there will be quite a few pictures, however they won't cover everything the show provided. As usual our club got the sacred spot right by the depot.




They didn't have any steam this year due to ongoing FRA inspections, but they hauled their expensive, center piece dinner train out. :D
By luck he pulled up at a very nice spot to wait for the signal to head out onto their mainline. My Lark is in the center of the Packards, just to give the Packard guys a little grief. [8)]


As much fun as it was shooting it, it was just as fun to ride it. This was a train that pulled from Chicago to Minneapolis, and as I told my parents this was a ride your rear will thank you for. It was so cushy and and the ride was sooooo smooth. It paled in comparison to the log buggy ride the SD45 cab ride I had last year, lol. It was a pity I couldn't get the observation seat, maybe next time.



After that I go exploring the grounds. There are vehicles and trains alll over the place, because the museum invites all of the local clubs up every year.





I even go see the stuff in restoration, my favorite barn being the steam and diesel barn. There's quite a few nice engines in here, although the dark and narrow aisleways make for hard shots, but I do my best.

One of my favorite engines, an N&W Y6b 2-8-8-2.

Yep, we have a GG1 as well in a Brunswick Green, although it doesnt see much daylight.

They even keep a large bus barn, although I dunno what interest anyone would want in this particular critter. [}:)]

Finally, this was a vehicle that was of particular interest, it's a Nash, with a couple of extra tweaks behind and underneath. Let's say they turned this car into a missile when he got out onto one of the straightaways here.




Chris Pile
08-02-2009, 11:39 PM
That Silver Pilot looks terrific!

Chris Pile
Editor: The Studebaker Special

08-02-2009, 11:52 PM
Really nice looking Burlington Silver Pilot! [^]

Who let that Mustang infiltrate the SDC Studebaker/Packard flock? [}:)]


08-03-2009, 12:04 AM
Oh, it escaped my mind, the unit with "Silver Pilot" on it is an E5, and from what I understand, is currently 1 of 1. When Burlington upgraded power much like the other roads did, the E5's all went under the scrappers, except this one, which was saved by the one of the earlier museum presidents. This is a traditional fashion, particularly on the passenger trains, to provide names to each of the cars and the units. This one was the "Train of the Goddesses" according to Burlington, so the cars behind it has names such as Juno, Minerva, Ceres, Venus, etc. This type of naming was also prevalent in other arenas. I know Pullman had categories of names for each of their different constructions of cars, such as Lake "" for one design of coaches. The there unit is also part of the Nebraska Zephyr, which was one of a half a dozen trains that served lines west of Chicago. The Pioneer Zephyr, one of the first Zephyr's from Burlington, was another Zephyr, and then we had the Mark Twain Zephyr, the Ak-sar-ben Zephyr, the General Pershing Zephyr, and so on. The Nebraska Zephyr was restored(and later re restored) by the museum to become their premier dinner train. Funny enough, it also has a hefty price tag if the unit or the cars ever get damaged because that's all stainless steel on the train.

I gotta say that Lark and them pricey Packards look good under that pricey unit in the picture[:o)]

Oh shoot, the Mustang belongs to our new editor. He doesn't currently owwwnnnnnn a Studebaker yet(he owned a couple of Mustangs prior), but he's actively looking. We let him in since he's the editor, and we are quite cordial in the club in turning no man away even if they have no car yet(even if it's a Brand X)[:I]. With our help he'll be looking a little faster though, lol.


08-03-2009, 12:18 AM
What's with the Ghostbusters Pontiac in the pic with the "Sliver Pilot"? [}:)]

Jeff DeWitt

08-03-2009, 12:25 AM
I think, based on the winged Packard hood ornament on the front, that its a Packard Funeral Car.

08-03-2009, 10:56 AM
I'm not much of a train fan, but machinery in general always catches my interest. That massive 2-8-8-2 loco is impressive. The needle nose Peterbilt is like one we have where I work.

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08-03-2009, 11:52 AM
Looks like a neat time.
You have got to give volunteers, groups and museums credit for keeping big, expensive stuff, in this case, trains (but also planes and ships) operational and in great shape.

And I've never seen vintage semi tractors and buses at a car show (yes, I don't get around a lot :D), but again, you have got to be impressed with the dedication it takes to keep those on the road.

It's great that there are so many people with differnt interests willing to invest their time and money in things we all get to enjoy looking at and (occasionally) riding in.

And in the first picture, the Avanti makes the 65-66 Mustang next to it look like the box the Studebaker was delivered in.
Don't get me wrong, I love Mustangs, but the comparision between the Avanti and Ford is rather shocking...shows hoe advanced the Avanti was especially since it came out almost two years ahead of the Ford.

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