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rusty nut garage
07-26-2009, 01:33 PM
I've been looking for a pair of alignment turn tables to assist in my Studebaker front end alignments. I've been watching ebay and craigslist for a good US made pair. Yesterday was my luck day I picked up a pair off of craigslist. Data plate says manufactured by Bennett Feragen South Bend Indiana USA. They're heavy and work really nice. The fact that they're from SB and I'd never heard of the company I begin to get curious. I found a patent appliation and drawings on-line but it was applied for in 1934 and issued in 41. The patent was labeled for "chassis analyzer" but is actually what we today call alignment turn table or turnplates. The drawings were clearly for an earlier version of what I have.
Do any of you Hoosiers have any recollection of the history of this company??

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