View Full Version : 54 champion coupe to Minnesota??

07-25-2009, 12:18 AM
here is 3 pictures of the 54 champion coupe they don't show much but if you remember a month or so back I posted it when I got it and the head lights were held in bungie cords and the rear fender were rotted through, since then we remover all 4 fenders and fixed the damaged area below the rear 1/4 windows both sides, also fixed the damage area just below the rear window and a place by the tail light pass side, the floors need to be done and I have new floor pans that go with the car at sale time, the fenders and other items removed will be put back on for moving, they are all different ones and real nice no rust, all front end pieces are still rather nice, the interior (seats ) are still use able as are the panels , but needs a head liner, the engine is free but have not tried to start it. good bumpers and have 4 15" full wheel covers, nice dash and steering wheel. I can and will bring back other parts if people get in touch with me all on a first come first served bases as I can only haul so much do have room for a frame or 2, the only 108" I have is called for by Swisher, just waiting on him to confirm for sure if not then is will be available and there is 2 people waiting to see what he does.I have lots of fenders, hoods , doors, ect just talk to me...


Bob Peterson / C & B Studebakers

Castro Valley, CA